Our process ensures close and sustainable partnerships with both clients and suppliers


All companies of The Douqué Group have the same working method where service and quality are most important. J. Th. Douqué’s koffie b.v. is the connection between coffee producers in origin and clients like coffee roasters in Europe. We take care of all the steps required to deliver your green coffee with the right quality and certification. Through this working method we’ve created many long-term and sustainable relationships with producers and clients.

Below, we provide detailed information on the individual steps in this process and we will be pleased to personally provide you with information about our working method and how it may benefit you. 

Quality Control

 J. th. Douqué’s Koffie b.v. controls quality at different points of the product chain. In the cupping room in our office we implement quality control according to specification and blends.


We can support roaster clients and producers in finding their way in the increasing demand/regulation regarding traceability, food security and towards a more sustainable coffee supply chain. Through our network and knowledge about various traceability processes we can support the developments within your companies. 

We work in more than 40 countries mostly with cooperatives and producer organisations whenever possible and depending on the internal structure of the producing country. Due to our direct contracts with the producer we are able to trace the coffee back to origin. 

Supply Chain

With our expertise and experience on coffee and new developments we have become a partner for industry and producer organizations. Through cooperation with our suppliers we are able to implement preventive measures sourcing a high quality and safe product to the needs of Industry. We will bring industry and the producers together and are able to provide tailor-made programs that will fit both parties, without losing the link with the demands from the consumer markets.


Because we deliver to various destinations from various ports from producing countries we are able to negotiate competitive tariffs for transport.

Warehouse management

This of course means in time deliveries and keeping enough supply according to your needs. J. th. Douqué’s Koffie BV  will be able to supply you when you experience an unexpected increase in demand or growth. We can deliver you on FCA reweigh of Free delivered reweigh contracts to solve you problems for underweight. You will only be invoiced for the weight delivered. 

Currency transactions and payment

We can manage your currency risk and can supply in Euro or any other currency if required.

Risk Management

As a result of keeping a combined book we are able to supply the service of contract fixation in a cost-effective way to roasters and producers without being confronted with the cost and margin calls.

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